What Are Turntables ?

During the advent of EDM industry , DJing has become one of the most sought after career prospects today . All you need are two turntables , a mixer and a laptop and you are good to go . The life and the royalties of a DJ attracts fascinates us so much that we are all online looking for the best turntables within our budget and the perfect site for that would be Pick My Turntable. Pickmyturntable.com is probably one of the best websites for budding DJs to be on . They have a huge spectrum of turntables to choose from and the website guides you through all the necessities required to become a top DJ . They have turntables ranging from $30 to $500 to even $30,000 . They even have collectors items or vintage turntables if you are passionate about turntables .

It’s crazy that we still have use vinyl records that can store 6-7 songs per side even though our phones can store thousands of songs . So how did the turntable come into being ? And how did it become such a rage ? The first turntables were in the form of phonographs and was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877 with the objective of recording and playing songs . Since then there have been various technological developments in the field .

The Idler- Wheel Drive turntables became popular in the 1970’s and 80’s . Even though the sound quality was pretty bad , the user could choose the speed at which he could have play his record which is is slower or faster .

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Then came the Belt Drive turntables which consisted of elastomeric ropes which helped in turning the turntables and due to this new belt producers were successful is absorbing the vibrations which were previously responsible for the bad sound quality . Still these devices had their negatives because in the belts would loose their elasticity which resulted in uneven play but fortunately these ropes weren’t too expensive .

The direct drive turntables don’t contain any of the components of the former turntables and the heart of the device is the motor itself which is responsible for the speed and velocity . This device contains way less components and therefore is very reliable.

The Digital Record Players are the new era of turntables in the 21at century . They are very easy to use  sound quality is impeccable. A variety of companies develop digital record players and they come in various designs and sizes. Various companies like Audio Technica , Pioneer , Electrohome make these devices.

The market for turntables is so vast that if you don’t do any research you are going to have no idea about what to buy , especially if you are planning on a small budget . There are different levels of turntables for every price point and for every purpose , so you probably need to do some proper market study before you start looking for something to purchase.


Now how to understand if the turntable is good enough or not . First of all you need to check out the platter of the turntable . It is the base where your record will be be spinning and the heavier it is , the better will it work. A heavier platter will provide more stability and will facilitate less vibrations leading to excellent quality. The second thing is the cartridge or stylus of the turntable . You should check if it is working smoothly or not when you use it manually or in auto mode . The last thing you should check is the plinth of the turntable that acts as the base. It provides stability when the records are moving.

The quality of the turntable will also depend on the cost . With $20-$30 you will get turntables to just play your audio . The real good quality turntables which can be used for mixing are the ones near the $500 bracket and you can use them for mixing , making music and anything you could possibly . If you want to buy the collectors irems or vintage products you probably have to ready with just a couple of thousands of dollars .Happy Shopping!

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