Video Here, Video There- Youtube Everywhere!!

YouTube is the first video-sharing website that was bought by Google and not developed by Google. It was originally developed by Hurley, Chen, and Karim, who were all employees of PayPal. The original reason that led to the foundation of this site is still not clearly known as there are so many convincing stories being told. There is also reason to believe that this site was started with an intention of providing an online dating service as the domain name was given green light to function on February 14, 2005. The first video that was uploaded to the site was “Me at the Zoo” by co-founder Karim. The site was gaining pace and sooner was acquired by the giant Google for US $1.65 billion. As the technology developed, the features of the site also increase manifold. It had its own built-in multimedia capabilities thus eliminating the need for any other plug-ins.

When coming to uploading, YouTube as per its guidelines provides a maximum of 20GB videos to be uploaded, but not for all. There are certain terms and conditions provided in the Community Guidelines that will guide you through the limitation of uploading videos. YouTube accepts nearly all possible video formats such as .AVI, .MKV, .MOV, .MP4, .FLV, .OGG, .OGV, DivX, .WMV, .3GP.maxresdefault (2)

YouTube also allows users to watch the videos in several resolutions based on their internet speed. Sooner, Google announced the site would allow users to upload 3D videos and 360 degree videos can also be supported on YouTube. For the latter one, one must require Google Cardboard. YouTube Red is a special premium service offered by the site that provides the users with ad-free streaming and other original content available. Users are also free to ping comments on the videos and they have the freedom to create their own channel and make some money out of it. However, there are few contents that allow only users above 18 years to access.

There are few countries that are against the use of YouTube and they have permanently or temporarily banned the use of YouTube in their country for various issues. It has become a trend nowadays that movie trailers and teasers are being released only on YouTube as the site provides so many details like how many people have watched it, how many have liked it, how many have commented about the premiere thereby providing the movie crew an edge about what can be done in the next stage.

YouTube also provides a platform for releasing various short films directed by several young artists hence acting as a medium to bridge the gap and bring success to those people. It also has provision for user to create their own channel and by uploading videos and getting likes and subscriptions for their channels will be appreciated by Google and they even provide incentives for those individuals.1486667094862942862

YouTube can be accessed on all smartphones and all PC platforms thus proving that it is the third most visited website in the world. There are also sites like that provides you likes, views, comments for a given price.

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