Singapore’s Nirvana for the Heart

Surely all of us have lost a loved one in our lives. The most painful part is the aftermath alongside the absence; what now? What’s next? I don’t know what to do. It’s heartbreaking to be the one to arrange all the funeral traditions, needs of the guests and paperwork. The happening itself doesn’t even seem real and yet you need to get up, fix yourself, put on a brave face and be there for others whom you know needs more comfort. That’s where bereavement care companies like Nirvana  Singapore come into the picture.Buddhism_Buddha_Apologetics

What is Nirvana in Singapore?

In Asia, Nirvana is one of the most sought out and outstanding bereavement care company. They aim to change all the negative thoughts and opinions people have once the word ‘cemetery’ is mentioned. Nirvana wants people to feel comfort when they grieve for loved ones who passed. A depressing sight won’t really help those who feel sad and heartbroken already. Nirvana has made it their mission to help grieving families by providing prayer services, respectable resting places for deceased loved ones, professional assistance and care.guanyin-buddha

History of Nirvana

All of this started way back in 1990 by the Nirvana Group, from the very beginning they have set a goal of providing scenic memorial grounds while advocating the funeral rites and traditions of the Chinese community. Until now their popularity and prestige continue to rise all thanks to their never ending ideas and innovation.

Their initial privatized memorial park stands in Malaysia and is called Semenyih Nirvana Memorial Center. From that point on they have continuously expanded to multiple countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

How to Get to Nirvana?

Before you choose a proper bereavement care company, always look at the accessibility and practicality of their location to yours. Luckily, Nirvana is quite accessible since it’s located at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road in Singapore. You can get there through the expressway, remember Exit 36, Jalan Bahar on PIE. Other than that, there are shuttle bus services available; they are provided by Nirvana and Boon Lay MRT Station. You can see the shuttle bus schedule at their website, take note the there are only a limited number of seats in the shuttle bus and the travel time depends greatly on traffic.

Services they Offer

As we said, they strive to provide the best possible service for all those families who need help and comfort. They assist you every step of the way, as much as they can and as much as you prefer. The people who handle each and every funeral rites are professionals, you can wholeheartedly trust them and they are willing to go the extra step just to lighten the burden in the families’ hearts.

Aside from the best professional staff possible, they also provide the traditional prayers, rites and worships. In addition, they offer the following prayers in order to negate sufferings and misfortunes:

  • Karmic Debt Issues
  • Prayer for longevity
  • Prayer for prosperity
  • Infant Memorial Service
  • Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony

With respect to the Chinese tradition, where the first death anniversary is the most important, Nirvana offers a wide variety of funeral rites in order to show the family’s respect for their deceased loved ones. Some of the said funeral rites are:

  • Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)
  • 7th Month (Zhongyuan Festival or Ghost Festival)
  • Birth anniversaries
  • Qing Ming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day)
  • Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice)
  • Death Anniversaries
  • Yuan Xiao Festival (Lantern Festival)
  • Chinese New Year
  • Mid-Autumn Festival


“Respect, Purity and Zen” these are the words engraved in the minds of the owners and designers as they planned the creation of Nirvana Memorial Garden, they cater to Buddhists and Taoists all the same. All of the features are delicately and intricately designed, from the statue of Gods and Goddesses found at the entrance, down to each and every niche.

Nirvana caters to niches for individuals and families. There are also choices for compartments: single, double and family compartments. All niches have mixed Buddhist and Taoist theme, style and elements. They feature a 3D Buddha, signifying the deceased to rest in peace. Loved ones can even receive blessings from as they pay their respects to the deceased and to the Lord Buddha.

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