Shock Your Performance Up!

Fly high with the help of the tips that we are going to tell you in this guide. If you are into the game of basket ball then you need to have springs in your feet, right? But how would you do that remains a big question if you aspire to reach high on the board. Nothing can stop you if you are willing to have the right kind of tricks employed for you. There are certain programs which are available and can help you have better performance to enhance your vertical jump in the game of basketball.

There may be plenty of programs available but you need to pick the best one for yourself so that you can enhance your jumping style right away. We have come up with vert shock review that helps you get the degree of vertical jump up to 15 inches that is a must when you wish to hit it right on the basket.

What vert shock does for you?


If you wish to have the right kind of vertical jump that can help you hit the ball then this program of vert shock is just perfect for you. Developed by Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, this program helps you gain what you wish to have that is a cutting edge. In the duration of 8 weeks you can significantly gain the jump up to 15 inches and this makes you have better hits.

It has three ways in which the program works and these phases are just perfect for you. Let’s check out the steps that you need to follow.

Phases of the program

There are three phases in the program that you need to look into:

  • Pre-shock phase: In this initial phase, the vertical jump can be increased up to 5 inches and this makes your body ready for the game in the apt way.
  • Shock-phase: This spans to the duration of up to 6 weeks and this is meant to give a shock to your nervous system to get your muscles stimulated so that the body gets in to the jumping spirit vertically.


  • Post-shock phase: In the last phase, these gains in terms physiological functions are made sustainable

The results sustain but you need to out the regime into practice so that you see a considerable gain in the strength your body needs. The guide is very easy to follow and one can be truly elated over the type of gains accrued.

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