The Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Pregnant!

Pregnancy is one of the most special feelings for the women who are prepared to enjoy the most important phase of their life, i.e. the motherhood. Getting pregnant may come to you without any complexities, but in some unfortunate conditions, the couple who plan to have babies may not get it that easily, and they is the time when you start wondering about come rimanere incinta. The reasons behind this unfortunate condition could be many, and not everyone suffers from the same cause. Depending on your body, your cause may be different than what your neighbour might be facing, thus, it is very important that you analyze your body and judge your condition accordingly.

The probable causes!


  • Anxiety– Stress or anxiety is one of the most major causes behind the obstacle that hinders your pregnancy. When you are in the stressed condition, you get a bad hit on your adrenal system, and this hampers the mental peace which eventually causes disturbance in the hormones leading to delay in pregnancy. It is advised by experts that the woman should go cool with her daily routine, and pregnancy will happen just at the right time, when all the conditions and circumstances are in favour of the same.
  • Lack of proper sleep– Improper sleep is one of the major caused that lead to a weak immune system and eventually opens the gates to a lot of infections. This as a consequence effects the reproductive cycle, and acts as a major hindrance in conceiving the baby. Infections being of multiple kinds, can damage the sperms on temporary basis, and that time turns to be more unproductive for the couple.


  • Weight issues– Improper body weight could be yet another major cause towards the hard times in conceiving pregnancy. Underweight woman may not ovulate properly leading to pregnancy crisis. Overweight woman face the same issues, and that because of the other health disorders which come in packages as a consequence of excessive body weight.

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