Pros And Cons Of Trade Show Banners

As the world of trade show displays continues to advance, the capabilities of large format printers which allow printing on different type of materials advance too. When printing trade show banners, it will all depend on the intended use, as there are a few different banner substrates which are regarded as the best as compared to the rest of the pack.  But how to figure which one will be the perfect pick for your display is a tough task. Factors which influence the type of display to use:

  • The number of individuals who will be working in the show
  • The booth size
  • The show budget
  • The marketing and sales objectives
  • If graphics will be present or not
  • How the display will be transported to the show


Let us look at the different materials which you can use to make your trade show banners, their advantages and disadvantages.

Knit Polyester Fabric

It is one of newest materials which is becoming the material of choice to design trade show banners.  It is lightweight and can easily fold down tightly for storage purposes. In case it wrinkles off, you only need to spray it with water and hang the way you hang an article of clothing. When printing on the knit polyester fabric, dye sublimation is used which puts the ink into the fabric unlike the on top of it which is common with PVC and vinyl materials. This means, using the knit polyester will give you long lasting print that will not dull over time.  The material is relatively affordable. The only disadvantage is, you cannot use it when displaying on curved panels as it will be difficult to install.

Vinyl Materials for Trade Show Banners

This is the most widely used material for trade show banners. It is one of the cheapest material available on the market and can also be used in a variety of applications. The prints on vinyl material tend to be crisp and can easily be cleaned. It is only good as a retractable banner stand, otherwise, it is hard to travel with. It easily creases, thus easily ruining the overall look. The material is damn heavy. The trade show banners made using vinyl materials are too common, thus producing no uniqueness. For modern looking banners, do not choose vinyl as the material of choice.


PVC Materials For Trade Show Banners

This is a trade show banner material which is a roll plastic that is thin. It is common when coming up with trade show banners for pop up displays and truss based trade exhibits. If you get an expert who knows how to use it well, the PVC material will create a vibrant and bright print. This is the best material to use when making curved panels. Some of the downsides of this material is that, it is expensive to use for trade show banners. Its portability is zero as it cannot be folded down thus making it expensive to purchase and ship.

Choose the right material for your trade show banners to get the best out of it.

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