Pompadour, The Style Which Defines You

Now-a-days, people are more worried about their fashion which defines their look. Starting from stylish rock look to decent formal look can be addressed by the person’s hairstyle. Now, you can turn your hairstyle anytime on the go, hair specialist does you a two-faced haircut where you can turn it to formal when you go to meetings or office and spiky or funky look to merge yourself to party culture. There are many hairstyles for men/women, according to the shape of the face the specialist design the haircut to specific person. There are some major thoughts you need to know about the hairstyles and of many hairstyles, few of them have some specific history and style for them. Pompadour is one of them which started its history in 1700’s. It was first started by Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. It was first designed for women and then later on even men set it for them. Elvis Presley was the first men too wore this hairstyle.


 How Pompadour actually look?

Men/Women pompadour will look the same, as women hair are long they possess more styling than women, and later on Pompadour has become out-fashioned hairstyle. Though few people try it as vintage hairstyle but it not every does like this due to short hair in both the sides. This hairstyle is worn as short sides and hair pulled upwards and then backwards. This is the process for both men and women. Only difference between them is the volume of the hair. This was the technique used until the style exist, but now as time is passing there are variety of hairstyle variations in pompadour. Depending on the face structure i.e., shape of your face, lifestyle and career. Which means it can make you differentiate from the typical formal look to crazy funky look. There are two important types of pompadour, they are:


To have a look of real gentleman, you have to go with this classic pompadour instead of rock-style look. The sides of the hair should not be sized too small which helps you to have a dramatic look because of the long hair on the sides. A short beard can make it look even better. This particular hairstyle looks good on the persons with longer faces which balance the width and the height. Yes, it can look good on any face shapes.



As a part of modern world, people started researching on everything they have. Recently, hairstyles are also been experimenting to get better and different versions of looks. With the help of trimmer, sides are shaved extremely short which gives you that bold look. This look creates you to have an extremely hot and sexy look. It is particularly suits to the people with round faces. The only thing you should be keen about his hairstyle is, you need to maintain it well to have the extremely hot look. It should be styled daily and trimmed frequently to have that continuous edgy look.

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