Pokémon Go Tweaks – An Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Earlier Pokémon used to be the one of most favorite cartoons among children. Especially school kids were crazy about it. They used to play Pokémon cards and enjoy it. The fever of Pokémon is back nowadays with the Pokémon game. It has gone viral, not only among kids but also in youth. Pokémon go has just been out in the world and it has already become favorite among people.

Cheats for Android Users

With the game out in the market, several Pokémon go cheats are also available. Some of them are


  • Catch ’em all is all about helping professor willow to catch all of them and make the professor happy. Collecting as many as Pokémon’s available will help you to become for the next level.
  • Pokéstops helps users to get loots for themselves in famous landmarks.
  • The Greens, users tend to find the monsters only in urban areas but they should also look for them in fields, gardens, rivers, etc.
  • Some of the best monsters show up only during night, so if you want to look for various monsters, you should look for them in the middle of the night.

For iOS users 

If you want to have the ultimate experience of playing the Pokémon go game on your iOS device that is jail broken, you need to follow few cheats like

  • PokémonGoAnywhere is a jailbreak tweak which can help you move out of the location by simply tapping on the screen.
  • If you have the FlappyGo jailbreak tweak installed, you can wait for severs to return back with the Flappy Bird game without leaving the application.\
  • Pokémon Lock tweak helps you to play this amazing game even your screen is asking for a passcode. You can simply unlock your phone without having to exiting the game.


  • You can also play this Pokémon Go game in battery saver mode, thereby saving your phone’s battery. Even if it requires continuous use of camera, with the help of the Pokémon Go Battery saver you can save large amount of your device’s battery.

With this game, gaining lots of popularity, people should know the basics of this PokémonGo game and then go for playing it. Knowledge of the basic moves, travelling with a diverse crew will give you a wonderful gaming scenario. So if you are keen on playing this Pokémon Go game, make use of these tricks and tips to have an ultimate gaming experience.

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