Ozone Air Purifiers – Beneficial Or Harmful?

Ozone is is trivalent oxygen (O3) that exists in the atmosphere naturally near the horizon and acts as a protective layer against the harmful UV rays from the sun. However, ozone has also been produced artificially using Ozone Air Purifiers, also referred to as Ozonators. Ozone Air purifier basically gets rid of any kind of bacteria, viruses or pathogens and also gets rid of any kind of smell in the surrounding air. It is widely used in operation theaters and ICUs to prevent transmission of infections and can also get rid of any kind of faulty smell including the smell of cigarettes and smell induced by animals from the surrounding air and makes it clean from any kind of impurities.

There have been several experiments to testify the effects of ozone gas on the atmosphere and human beings. Several experiments have even reported ozone air purifiers to be harmful for the human body. The experiments reported that ozone gas can worsen asthma, and inhalation of the gas even in small quantities may induce throat irritation, cough, chest pain and other breathing problems. Despite of all of the experiments reports against the usage of ozone air purifiers,  the manufacturers of the same continue to sell such purifiers in the market and they are even being used by several consumers due to its utility in the purification of air.


The manufacturers and vendors of such machines even come up with misleading terms such as “energized oxygen” or “pure air” to suggest that these machines can be beneficial. However, the usability of ozone air purifiers or ozonators cannot be refused but their harmful effects overpowers its positive effects and is even restricted to use by several governmental authorities and most of the experts also suggest not to use air purifiers which work with the infusion of ozone gas. Several federal agencies have even developed health standards to limit the usage of ozone gas in the vicinity of humans.

This is true that ozone air purifiers can get rid of any kind of odor from your home and make your home smell of the odor that persists after a thunderstorm- fresh and clean- that’s how ozone smells. But the other reality is also that even a small quantity of inhaled ozone gas can do great harms to the lung tissue and lead to several harmful diseases. These purifiers might be of great use in industrial and treatment purposes but its utilization in domestic and public places needs to be stopped to prevent any kind of health hazards to people suffering from breathing or lung problems and to ensure the health of small children


Even after the known adverse effects of ozone gas, the manufacturers have not stopped selling their purifiers in the market. However, any government organization has not approved the use of ozone air purifiers but still, citizens need to be made aware of its effects of their health and the manufacture of such misleading and unhealthy products needs to be banned by the authorities for domestic use.

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