Online Toronto Electrician

Since in this day and age, almost every product you want to buy and services you want to hire can be found on the internet, why don’t you also hire your electrician online? This is quite practical since you can immediately view the services they offer, take a look at all the credentials they posses and you can even look for reviews that others before you posted. You can even contact them and do a little interview all at the comforts of your own home; no more going to the local electrician and transferring to another when you saw something unsatisfactory.

Sure there are a lot of Toronto electrician but we’ll focus on one called KNT Electric and of course they have a website where you can take a quick peek at everything about them. Of course if you already have an electrician then we’re not forcing you to transfer but there’s nothing wrong with widening your horizons.

All About KNT Electric


This might be the first time yo9u have heard of them, but they have been providing amazing electrical services for Toronto and GTA for an astounding 30 years. To think that they only began as a one man company and now they have numerous full time staff and workers.

The people that lead their projects and jobs are Licensed Master Electricians or Civil Engineers, depending on the case. They are entirely ensured up to about $4,000,000 for their liability coverage. Not only their property, but of course their staff are ensured too in order to provide proper Workplace Safety.

KNT Services

KNT specialize in knob and tube wiring replacement solutions, they have performed thousands of services in the Toronto area. They make sure to only make minimal incisions where they use special tools to get the job properly done. If you do choose them, you find that they:


  • Assign projects managers from start up until the end of the project, these project managers will listen to the client’s every concern and will find solutions to the questions, requirements and other concerns that they might have.
  • All of the job’s significant events are presented through detailed progress reports.
  • In order to have papers for the insurance companies, they also provide Electrician Reports.
  • During the end of each work day, they restore the power and do clean-ups.
  • Provide protection for any floors, furniture and stairs that might get in the way.

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