Make Your Occasion Unique Using A Personalized Gift

Whichever the occasion, getting a personalized gift for it can make the difference between a boring and the most awesome day of your life. Here are some ideas on how to make a personalized gift for the occasion from chanced upon gifts less ordinary.

  1. Astro Embroidery

This will be a great idea for teens who love horoscopes. The pattern is pre-printed on a navy fabric. It is readily available in all astrological sign shops


  1. Lat& Lo Disc Necklace

It is a necklace with a pendant which has the longitude and latitude of a specific location engraved on it. This can be great for weddings where you personalize it with the wedding venue; or still, you can use it to personalize a college dorm which you are sharing with a close friend.

  1. Memorial Signature Ring

It is a custom jewelry without a price tag. Get a picture and sent it to the jewelry so that it can be recreated on it. This can then be given to a true friend as a personalized gift by chanced upon gifts less ordinary.

  1. Own Playlist on Vinyl Records

At chanced upon gifts less ordinary,  you will be in a position to make this. This is a mix of tape for the traditionalist where you upload songs and design the cover using templates provided on their website. You will be shocked because, the next thing you will hear a door bell ringing, and a personalized gift will be delivered to you.


  1. Customized Laser Cut Map

It doesn’t always add up that, personalized has to be something with one’s initial, picture or name on it. You can use a map of the university campus where you just graduated or the state you live in to come up with a great personalized gift courtesy of chanced upongifts less ordinary. Each map will come already framed so you only have to wrap and deliver it.

  1. Family Tote

Get a tote which reminds her of the family, she is shopping for. It will be easy to find an accurate depiction of each member due to the many characters available to choose from. You can choose black or red stitching to accent to the organic cotton bag.

Get that personalized gift for your friends and family by using the tips provided by chanced upon gifts less ordinary.

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