Learn To Play Card Games

It is time to learn how to play various card games. Discover more here and teach your friends so that you can enjoy playing the card game together. Make sure you learn the basic of each game so that you don’t go wrong when you start playing. Be the first among your friends to learn some new card game and boast around as you let it for them.


It is a speed variant of Crazy Eight card games. It is a game which  will make any party alive. The only downsides of this game are that it involves a lot of thinking and this might draw people away, making it less fun.


How to Play:

  • It requires between 3 to 5 players and if you are using the double deck rules, 5 to 8 players.
  • The amount of time it will take you to play will all depend on how fast you are in playing the game and it normally ranges between one hour to three hours and if you are having four players, a half of that time is required.
  • It has fifteen deals with the first deal requiring each player to have eight cards, then seven cards, then 6 cards, then 5 cards, then 4 cards, then 3 cards, then 2 cards, then one card. After receiving one card, the game will go back to eight cards as it was in the beginning, increasing by one anytime a new card is issued in the deal. If you are doing the short version, only the first eight hands are played. It will continue rotating clockwise and in case the dealer as too many cards, he will be forced to keep the extra cards, but if he has less cards, he will be forced to receive a dumbass card
  • The dealer is the one who initiates the game by placing a top card of the deck with the rest of the cards being placed face down in a pile. The game then proceeds. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game and the game proceeds clockwise. This will continue until the winner is determined at the end of it all.

When playing Creights, there is something every card in the card deck does:


The Kings, Queens and Jack are useless as they do nothing

Tens normally make the play be played in reverse. If it was going on in a clockwise direction and a ten is played, the next player will have to come from the anticlockwise direction. What this means is, the person ho ad previously played before a ten is cast is the one who has to play again

When a nine is played, it gives a limited wild. What it means is that a nine card be placed on top of any card but when you place it, make sure that you have a suit named which should be the same color as the card which preceded the number nine card.

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