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In the gaming world this name is quite popular, friv is quite different from the rest of online game websites. The player is first captivated by an awesome user interface of the site with a grid which is filled with many tiny icons displaying a list of the games available. All the games(nearly more than 250) that are offered and can be played, are visible at a glance! If and when you click on a particular icon, you get to another page where the game chosen by you is displayed framed within a window along with one side panel that displays which keys on the keyboard will be used while playing the game play the game. You are not required to do any downloads before playing, all games are online and just need one small flash player to plat all these awesome and friendly games that you have been playing from your childhood.

Fun free games online :

Even if you don’t know or are not much familiar with the old games like those of Mario or supersonic etc. Don’t worry just randomly pick off an icon and click on it to play the game. There are games like Power Pamplona which may be good past time for you and gang. Although you may face some problem with commands being slow for execution but that may be due to issue with your processor or net connectivity.

All of your favorite games on a single background. A nice little collection for you to have you remember the memories you once cherished. There are minimum or nearly no advertisements! on the site which is a plus point rarely seen these days among the websites attending large traffics.


But before we recommend this website to some parents and say it’s safe for their children, there is one last we should consider. If  there are links that may redirect your kid on a site unsuitable for him / her and can expose your children to such websites. But even after I clicked on links that were embedded or somewhere attached in the games i was unable to leave the website! Although the link did open in other windows but since the the tab I’m playing in is uninterrupted so it could be possibly safe enough for even kids that are underage to handle.

Are Friv games good for you?

The answer to this question is based on various factors , like that of the age group you are in. According to some kids believe that it is one of the best websites they can have for playing games online. But it is matter of taste which varies with person to person.

And also you would find that there are no categories and bifurcations. On other hand if you see other online sites for playing games, there would be a section of games classifying the games you may like as per your preference like rpg or strategy games, and you can choose from the section, you can select from the list given. Whereas in case of, you may not know beforehand that what genre will the game be of, whose icon you just clicked. From children to adults everybody may find something suitable on the site to pass their time with. The interface may appear a bit familiar if you are an I-pod user (where when you tap an icon, and the app or game opens).

ENGAGEMENT with the website :

There is a plenty of content which may be of interest to kids on the website with tons of fun, excitement and free games and all that without much of those irritating pop-up ads. However, the content is very thin, having nearly no text and small & tiny images for the links of the games available.


Learning approach (ALONG WITH PLAYING):

Some games are even based on the concepts of math, logical reasoning, reading activities, along with time management and goal-setting thereby teaching kids about some of the very important aspects of life. It is often suggested to include innovative things to help kids learn faster and this would just do the trick! It would teach along with playing. There may be a problem though you, might feel that the lessons aren’t illustrated well enough to provide good understanding. It is at times unclear that what is being taught, and kids might not really get a dozen of new knowledge and stuff, but certainly you should try to understand that even a pinch of learning along with playing is just an added advantage you get, after all it’s a gaming website and not an tutorial point!


Kids might derive benefit from detailed description-ed instructions and info and there shoul be some content dedicated to explain the motive or intent of the game. Presently, there isn’t much in the name of content and learning. Lessons aren’t always clear and understandable, and there is not much info that could guide you the through the site.


QUALITY of the site :

It is probably one of the safe and secure platform having good games and links for you kids. The site doesn’t has much text though, the homepage do have dozens of tiny images serving as URL’s which link to a particular games that a user may choose to play. The lack of written info and content regarding the website and about the games present on it may initially seem a little odd at first. Particularly in case of game sites, due to the violent and other unsuitable content on them, can make them an issue of concern. However, Friv’s selections are generally safe and suitable. Some games may require a little longer or may be a little confusing initially to figure out, although clearer and detailed instructions can be of huge help.

This is a really fun-to-surf on type of site. There is even a educational form of the same called “friv4school”. Although the site needs lots and lots of improvements but still it is somewhat better than others.

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