Finding An Escape In Escape Rooms

Escape Room is a physical action adventure game that traces its origin back to Silicon Valley, where it was developed by a group of programmers in 2006. The basic rule of the game is to solve a set of puzzles or complete a series of tasks to get out of the room within the stipulated time limit. The mysteries and the puzzles surrounding the game was actually inspired by popular crime novelist Agatha Christie’s works. The game was later developed in Japan by a person named Takao Kato and it went by the name of Real Escape Game (REG). Based in Kyoto Japan, there is also a magazine that is published under the same name.


It made its first appearance in Singapore in 2011 and by 2015, there were about 50 game centers in Singapore. Also that year marked a record 2800 Escape Room venues across the globe. The main reason for the widespread popularity of the game is the fact that it is a particularly lucrative offer for the operators as the initial capital investments are very low and with a per person rate of $25-30 USD, they end up generating revenues worth several hundred thousands.


The game Escape Room is believed to be particularly popular among students and young professionals suffering from mental stress. Considered as a great team building activity Singapore it has been used by corporate giants and even smaller organizations as team building exercises for its employees. As the players work together for solving the puzzle in order to find a way to escape the room, they develop the skills required to work together as a team in the process. It offers a way out from the daily monotonous life that the overworked professionals have to go through, and in a way the game lives up to its name, providing a change to escape to those who require it.

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