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We are all accustomed to this term: the dining place. We, however big or small, poor or rich, have a common or a separated room for sitting down with the family and friends and rejoice about food, talk over important matters throughout the day and thus in more ways than one, bind people together in a feeling of togetherness. Dining room ideas about interior and new sleek designs are so much into demand now-a-days. Dining rooms are the places where scores of curiosities are put to rest and ideas are taken in to account. Be it lunch, dinner or snacks time, a discussion over the dining table is a must.

Insights Into Its Significance                                                   

We in this fast revolving world of today’s era have so much to do and have so much little time on hand barely get the time to sit together at a place after working for almost 20 hours a day. The young adults find it very difficult because they have so much to work and achieve and at the same time want to be with their families, to sit with them and talk their hearts out. The old parents who sit all day to talk to their working children but seeing the exhaustion on their faces after a long day’s work want them to take rest. So where is the time to stronger the family bonds and ties? Well funnily enough, being a common commodity too, the dining room serves this grave concern. After a long day’s work when all return homes and make it a point to dine together, the dining table for dinner does its work. Though maybe one hour, but the family gets to unwind within themselves and gel along which is very critical in today’s shrinking world.


Interior designing is a rage now-a-days, both as a subject of study in art and its commercial use in today’s trends. Upcoming office property or a newly bought home? Interior designing is a must. Interior designs have crept into every establishment like air and now everyone wants a unique and different interior designing at his or her place. It is a completely new trend that took over the world by storm. Coming to the residential houses, drawing and dining rooms are the rooms that draw most of the attention in interior decoration.

Coming back to the basic, the dining room is something everyone is well acquainted with. In Today’s times, it is basically the room next to the kitchen in the house meant for serving the hot cooked food with ease. In the earlier times, the dining room was meant to be in a complete new floor away from all the common rooms, only meant for the family time. The medieval times saw huge dining tables with lines of high end chairs each side with the rectangular tables being the most common.

Delving more into its history, the British and the Europeans who lived in mansions and castles had a separate dining hall to dine in with family and friends. Those huge halls had extremely high ceilings and large open windows and doorways allowing free flow of air. As a matter of fact, slowly dining in these huge halls became an occasional privilege only for special events. Heading towards the start of the 1800s, a trend came in where the females in the family would call it off after dinner and the men would keep sitting having drinks in the company of each other. This is shown as a male dominancy in those times. A general American place for dining would have a medium sized table with seats surrounding it along items like plates and china items on it. In these modern times, the dining place along with being next to the kitchen is somewhat designed next to the dining place as well so that if guests come over, they increase their place for these special occasions. Some dining places even have an adjoining bar to the dinner table in the room so that those who enjoy drinking can enjoy a quick sip. In the Mediterranean countries and as well as the Scandinavian  countries the idea of having dining rooms is still significant but not a necessary part of all the homes . It is more of an occasional privilege there in those countries.


Basic etiquettes in a dining place

There are some basic behavioral developed over time to prevent social awkwardness over time. To put it more simply, you need to follow creating behavioral etiquettes to maintain decorum. Good and well manners are always welcome everywhere. Noted below are few such points that is bound to show good manners.

  • One should always react to any invitation received as soon as possible.
  • Maintain a proper dress code
  • Make sure to always be on time
  • Always be polite to carry a small token of gratitude for the person hosting the event.
  • Place a napkin on your lap after unfolding it and use if occasionally for wiping.
  • Pull out a chair for a lady if she is with you and make sure she is comfortably seated.
  • The most basic and important rule- hold the fork and knife properly in both hands and place them aside your plate after you are done eating.
  • Make it a point to thank the hostess or the host before leaving the event.


  • Do not use the bread or alike to dip into soups or wipe up the sauce on your plate
  • Refrain from making loud irritable sounding like burping or slurping while eating
  • Do not make a conversation with your mouth full as it looks unpleasant and also can choke you up.
  • Make small talk while having food because it not always about eating; it is meant to be a social event after all.
  • Never ever, on events or gathering like these, lick your fingers or pick your teeth in public

We hope you found the above information helpful. We wish you good luck on your journey to venture more about dining rooms! For more, keep reading!

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