Enhancing The Power Of Magic Spells With Blue Moon

What is a Blue moon? No! It doesn’t mean that the moon turns blue. Even though, the idea is really cool; the moon only turns blue when we witness a huge volcanic eruption or a vast forest fire. The smoke and the dust in the atmosphere tend to make the moon appear blue which is by far very very, in fact very rare. The blue moon here is a seasonal moon. What exactly is a blue moon? Usually, every season (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall) has three full moons in its course.


A full moon day is assumed to be  the day with relatively more energy and power when compared to the other days. In sparse situations, we come across a fourth full moon in the season. In such seasons, the third full moon of the four moons is called a Blue Moon. As said above, a full moon is a perfect day to cast spells as it has tremendous energy embedded in it which elevates the power of spiritual entities. This exactly is the reason why humans get unleashed into werewolves by the essence of this power. A Blue Moon has twice the impact of a full man on the spells.


This being said and done, during the blue moon one can communicate with the spirits like the demons, guardian angels and any other kind of beings (For example, the deceased family members, ancestors et. al) with the help of spells that work. To know more about how a blue moon increases the magic spell power, one can go through Moon Meditation phenomena and learn how to open the gateway that passes the energy from the blue moon onto the spell that you’re casting. Therefore, by paying proper attention to the phases of the moon, you can perform the ritual and get the maximum result out of it.

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