How To Change An IP Camera As A Best Baby Monitor

An IP Camera can act as a best baby video monitor as it has all got all the benefits that we get out of manufactured and store-bought monitors. Additionally, if you’re a geek parent with adequate knowledge of technical details, you can also have advanced features. IP Cameras also come with IR filters enabling to monitor the baby even in the dark and can alert you when the baby is moving along with WiFi and NAS services. In this article, we are going to detail out the procedure on how to change an IP Camera into Best Baby Monitor:



  • IP Camera (Based on your budget and capacity, decide whether you want an HD one or not)

Setting an IP Camera into a Baby Monitor:

  • The first step is to decide the place where you want to mount the camera. Make sure you are close enough but also can get a clear view of the baby while sleeping. The microphone of the camera should be in a range that it can record all the cute voices and the wails of the baby,
  • Screw in the wall on which you want to mount the camera. Prefer a wall mount that is adjustable instead of going with regular ones. Plug in the camera with power adapter and ethernet cable so that it won’t run out of battery can be connected to the network easily.


  • In case if you’re using a WiFi, follow the regulations on the camera and connect it to your computer. Make sure all the screws that are mounting the camera to the wall are tight. Do a self-test and ensure that the camera covers the full range of baby’s motion.
  • Once you’re done, the camera will pick up the DNS server of your router and gets connected with an IP address. You can also do it manually. As you’ve connected the camera to the home network, you can access the baby movement through all kinds of devices, be it Roku, Laptop, Smartphone, Raspberry Pi.

Have fun in taking care of your baby!

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