How You Can Use Your Lol Smurf Account

League of Legends is a game played by millions of people around the world, a highly competitive fantasy game where you battle other players and make sure you stay on top, with high levels and items to hoard for your character as you win fights and interact. Developers have made different worlds and various game plays for people to play on, depending on their preference. From children to adults, you would always find a few people in computer shops or at home, spending their free time playing this addicting and entertaining game. The best part about it is that it isn’t only fun, it’s free to use by everyone!

Smurf Accounts

When it comes to playing League of Legends, you start to level up as you win battles. Once you reach level 30, you are able to create more accounts for yourself, which is what they now call smurf accounts. These accounts start from the bottom, just as if you were a new player again. You have the option whether to continue this account and keep leveling up, or to just leave it there. If you have a lot of accounts, you can even give it away or sell it for others to use!


Uses of Smurf Accounts

Because smurf accounts start from the bottom, you’re probably wondering how this will be of good use to any experienced player. They actually have many uses players take advantage of, some good, while some bad. Here are some of the things you can use your smurf account on:

  • You will be able to use your smurf account to interact with players and help them get through the beginning of the game
  • You get to practice with newbies and test your strategic skills Iin battling without the high intensity if you were to play in a higher level
  • You can use it as a backup account in case your main account is hacked or banned
  • Sadly, some people use their smurf accounts to “troll” new players, or to trick them into failing in their first few battles due to giving wrong advice on purpose.
  • With less intense games, it’s a stress reliever where you can have fun with easy wins.

Where to Get Smurf Accounts


The simplest way to get a smurf account is to play the game and reach a certain level until you are allowed to create one yourself. But you are also able to do the following to get a smurf account:

  • If you are still far from level 30 but want a lol smurf account buy it online or from any friends or family of yours who are experienced. They set the price, and you can pay them upfront or online.
  • You can trade items for smurf accounts with any player, may they be family or friends, or other players around the world
  • You may even be able to score free smurf accounts through searching for hacks and tips online, or maybe even getting it from friendly players.

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