Can I Sell Diamonds with Colour Online?

Since you’re here, we assume that you have already had some kind of experience with regards to selling diamonds on the internet. You might have already heard of a website called Luxury Buyers who buy just about any luxury jewellery, bag and watch. It’s a good thing too that you decided to go for the online selling of diamonds and jewellery; selling the manual way is so frustrating and difficult at times.people, holidays and glamour concept - beautiful woman in evening dress wearing ring and earrings over beige lights background

people, holidays and glamour concept – beautiful woman in evening dress wearing ring and earrings over beige lights background

But when you sell diamonds online, are there certain requirements for the diamonds? As with any other kind of sale, of course there are certain requirements that the item needs to meet. Diamonds obviously need to be natural and authentic, that’s just about it. Whether they’re certified, not certified, chipped, cut, old and a little out of shape is irrelevant. What about coloured diamonds? Read along and find out.


Coloured Diamonds

If you think that coloured diamonds are special or precious, then you’re underestimating it. They are high up on the list of already precious diamonds. Natural coloured diamonds are rare; they say that for every precious 10,000 colourless diamonds, there is only one precious coloured diamond. If you do decide to sell one of your precious coloured diamonds, you’ll like receive a small fortune in return.

Blue Diamonds

You’ll be shocked to know that the value of blue diamonds in the market has done nothing but rise; it is after all a rare diamond. It’s like the great depression and other economic downfalls never existed at all when you see the value. Blue diamonds are near the top of the lists of precious diamonds. To be exact, it’s the fourth rarest diamond know to mankind. Here’s an estimate to get your imagination going: a one-carat blue diamond will sell for AT LEAST $100,000.

Pink Diamonds

Though pink diamonds are not as rare as the blue ones, it’s still extremely rare. The more intense he colour of the pink is, the rarer it is. Absolutely anyone in the world would love to get their hands on a pink diamond no matter how intense of a pink it is. Its value is littler under a hundred thousand dollars a carat; it rivals the blue diamond.

Yellow Diamonds

Many consider the yellow canary diamond as the most ‘common’ out of all he fancy stones. Nonetheless, it’s easily worth twice the amount of a colourless diamond. Never look at this diamond with the idea that it’s inferior; it’s more precious than most stones.

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