The Best Way To Flirt Chart With A Stranger

There is a saying which goes Great things come to those who are willing to risk rejection and put themselves out there. You are on a flirt chat with a stranger and you are wondering how to go about so that you win him over and be the top on his mind. Worry no more as we are here to help you out on how to carry yourself. best-dating-apps-iphone

The Dos of Flirt Chat

Make sure that you start your conversation casually. The first step to flirt chat is to get your cold feet up and jump right in. You can start with a small message where you ask him how the day has been. You can ask a specific question about his profession or school or you simply say hi to him. The hardest part of a flirt chat is to get through the initial reluctance and if you are having a hard time to start, remind yourself that, no matter the response, it will be less stressful than in the real world encounter.  There is no need to be nervous when t comes to chat messaging because, if the person you are talking to doesn’t want to talk to you, you have an option of terminating the conversation and starting it over with someone else

Start With Small Talk mint_screens_compilation_22x

When you are initiating a talk on flirt chat, start small to avoid setbacks. You can begin with pleasantry exchange by asking how the person is faring on. Ask about his interests, work  or in case he had any recent trip. When he responds, follow it up, maybe by asking a question or by offering comments before you start becoming personal  or intimate in your texts. Just keep thing light, fun and focused on worry free subjects. You should not dwell too much on small talk as your partner might become bored. Take a minute or two to wind up the opening remarks before you go to the subject of your flirt chat


Make sure that your flirt chat is spiced up with jokes to make the chat lively. Everyone likes the sense of humor. If  you can make a man laugh, then you can make him do anything else. Just make sure that you try to be playful and even slightly sarcastic as you give him responds to whatever he is talking about.

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