Bedding’s: An Important Part Of Your Hamster Cage

There are several things one has to keep in mind whenever he or she takes care of hamsters. It’s simply not enough for one to have a place where the hamsters could stay, and where you could put food and give it a steady supply of water. Cage beddings, which are things placed on the floor of the cage are an indispensable part of the cage, and are a necessity for hamsters to be happy and comfortable. has a comprehensive list of the kinds of materials which are used as beddings, whether ideal or not, and here are the two most ideal beddings.


Paper is made of light cellulose and is composed largely of biodegradable and environment-friendly materials. The reason why it’s a great kind to use as a bedding is because hamsters could go away with eating it and not having their digestive system harmed in any way. Make sure that the paper you use is plain, and therefore without prints, as the ink used for printing are potentially toxic to them.

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Sawdust is a fine material, and is often made of soft wood. Sawdust does not have any form of splinters and therefore is not dangerous to the hamster’s legs. There are several pet shops which sell sawdust made from wood which is entirely safe for your hamsters to step and gnaw on.

Other Bedding Types


Through the years, different people have used different materials for bedding purposes, but a lot of this has been discontinued because the materials have been found to be harmful to them. These materials include sand, cat litter box materials, fine plastic, cedar wood, fluffy beddings and newspapers. Negative effects of using this include potential cuts and injuries to the leg, and indigestion once it is ingested by the hamster.

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