The White Pages is Still the Effective Marketing Tools

After the advent of yellow pages and other online telephone directories, many of us have already forgotten the value and significance of our own White Pages listing in telephone directory. Initially, it was merely a phone book which was used to find business phone numbers and residential address of people. However, things have changed now as les pages blanches are now widely used as the largest buying guide. Right Information is Printed

Today, most of the emphasis is actually placed on the significance of Yellow Pages, but you should never take your Yellow Pages business listing for granted. Most of the people believe that simply creating phone number and publishing it on the White Pages is all that they need to ensure that they are being listed precisely. But, take a moment and check, if your business appears accurately in the local White Pages for more business.


If the data related to your business is not conveyed precisely to the carrier, then it will not be published accurately and as a result you will be missing the potential customers due to lack of information. So, the information that you will provide to the carrier should be cross checked properly to ensure that the business data is printed accurately and right information is conveyed to the potential customer for more business.

Making Changes

In most of the cases, the White Pages representatives don’t have the authority to correct or make changes in the business data of your White Pages listing. This can only be rectified by approaching your phone service provider. For any changes or correction that may affect your white pages listing you must contact the provider immediately so that they can submit the order to the directory publishers.

You need to ensure that you have received to the confirmation number while requesting for a change. This will act as the reference number and will confirm that you have requested for changes and to follow up on changes that you have requested.

Complimentary listing is also possible with The White Pages only if you have requested for the address and phone number to be listed. If you find any mistake or error in printing the details of your business then you may provide the confirmation number to the White Pages department or their sales representatives to assist in ensuring that precise details are printed in your next listing.


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