An Honest JBL LSR305 Review

JBL – Well, the name carries enough weight already for one to know that it’ll provide nothing but the best. The JBL LSR305 are gorgeous speakers and even more so when you see their price. It’s really a steal and gives true value for your money. Apart from being extremely affordable, the kind of performance they give is remarkable. It is definitely a breakthrough product and is almost near the top. This JBL LSR305 review will help you to know all that you need to before you take the plunge and buy this sleek pair of good looking monitors. 004_maxresdefault

There is a waveguide around the tweeter, which controls its dispersion and also determines how sound is projected from the speaker into the room. The woofer’s design perfectly matches this, so the blend between these two drivers is too good to be true. These monitors have just the appropriate number of controls and connection points at the back, which are complex but at the same time, have great functionality to offer. Moreover, a number of accessories come along with them. They are typically near-field monitors so sound great even when very near and also as stereo hi-fi speakers. Though they may look like ordinary studio monitors but the batman-esque points around the tweeters, visible on a closer look, give the appearance of the monitors literally buckling in on themselves. A sense of spatial depth, thanks to good recordings and a very wide, well defined soundstage along with an expansive centre image are some of the essential added advantages. Each speaker’s five inch long woofer and one inch soft tweeter are powered by its own built in 41 watts of class D amplification. Each speaker has to go through a very rigorous power test in which they play at the maximum volume possible to be able to weed out any possible weaknesses that might exist. The big bass port is at the rear too.003_maxresdefault

Are there any cons?

Well, the pros far outweigh the cons of these speakers. Some mild noise issues are there but they are hardly noticed. Also, the midrange is relatively weak bodied; it needs to have more punch. However, the vivid and amazing imaging is truly dazzling, especially when the price is taken into consideration. Be it classical recordings, vocals, instruments etc – all of it is impressively handled by JBL LSR305 speakers. They offer top class performance and that too, on almost a big box store budget. All the hype around them is well founded and they are worth much more than their price. All in all, these speakers have surpassed expectations at every turn and are one of the best choices at this point of time.

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